Burnham Road House

Minneapolis, MN

Single Family Residential


Bringing Downtown Down to Earth

An efficient, modern residence for a young family of four looking to bring the ample light, expansive views, clean lines, and open plan of their downtown loft into a neighborhood home surrounded by yard and garden. The house nestles into a challenging, hillside site that provided a unique opportunity to organize the space as a three story tower. Placing all the living space on the second level allows for ample day lighting and panoramic views of the surrounding lakeside neighborhood and downtown skyline.


The primary living space features a soaring, folded ceiling, ebonized oak floor, rosewood paneling, and almost doubles in the warmer months by opening to an expansive roof deck.


Bedrooms are on the main entry level, with a family room and guest suite on the lower level.

072914 Burnham Rd 36d.jpg
072914 Burnham Rd 52d.jpg

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