Island View Condo

Minneapolis, MN

Single Family, Residential

043018 Broughton 01c.jpg

RoehrSchmitt was brought in to freshen up an interior for this condo for art collectors. As we delved into how they lived we discovered that they needed a space for outdoor entertaining that wasn’t subject to the pitiless sun on the south-facing patio off of their living room.  To remedy this we cleared out several seldom used rooms to create a new entertainment space adjacent to a second north-facing patio.

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This move effectively created a home with two wings – a warm southern space for winter living, and a cool north-facing space for summer entertaining. The dramatic curving path between the wings of the house serves as a gallery for the couple’s extensive collection of art. We unified the condo around the new minimalist spaces by simplifying the existing living room and kitchen with a reduced materials palette featuring makore wood and translucent glass.

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