Northeast Bungalow

Minneapolis, MN

Single Family, Residential

033009 RS 003d.jpg

One Bedroom Wonder

This 1920’s bungalow in a hilly Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood was even more constrained than it looked from the outside. Within it's 800 square foot first floor, the front half of the house was closed off from the back half. The backyard seemed even more remote.

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The transformation uses a simple palette of materials and a clear functional form. The kitchen opens up to the view while deep overhangs and a trellis protect from glare. A second bedroom was converted into a dining room that expands the space of the kitchen.

033009 RS 027d.jpg
033009 RS 021c.jpg

The goals of the project were simple: Link the front of the house with the back, and connect the entire house to an outdoor space for entertaining. By weaving the interior rooms together visually, we've created distinct and functional spaces that compliment each other, and the result turns the cramped center into an expansive hub. This one bedroom wonder is now proudly one of the most delightful homes in Minneapolis.

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