Pig Ate My Pizza 2.0

Robbinsdale, MN

Restaurant, Commercial


Blair Arcade on St. Paul’s historic Cathedral Hill is comprised of the original turn of the century Blair Arcade East—a once lavish Victorian apartment building with street level retail, along with a rather unremarkable beige stucco 1980’s addition known as Blair Arcade West. While the later addition sought to emulate the original through the repetition of the original’s tall oriel bay windows, there was little else about the buildings to relate them inside or out.

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The interior mall that connects the two buildings was a dramatic demonstration of the contrast between the two. While the interior of Blair East was detailed in figured woodwork, beveled mirrors and wainscoting, Blair West was a misbegotten mashup of cheap woodwork and brass hardware that might only be described as “basement rec room chic.”


While making some simple changes to the exterior, our primary assignment was to update the planning and services for the entire complex and come up with a strategy to creatively integrate Blair West with the original building to allow it to be commercially viable and compelling for the current marketplace.


Our approach was to make a virtue of contrasting the Victorian character of Blair East with an unabashedly hip and modern interior, allowing each building its own clear identity, while a predominantly monochromatic black and white color palette establishes a narrative through-line between Blair past and Blair present and future.

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