The Lakes Center

Minneapolis, MN

Tenant Improvement, Commercial

LC Ribbon Concept Diagram2.png

Fresh Appeal

The two-story common areas of this 1950’s former insurance company headquarters needed an updated look and a clear concept to facilitate identity and wayfinding. Goals for the project included appealing to a new generation of tenants and creating compelling spaces for social interaction. The proposal creates a clean, minimal design contrasted by a custom aluminum ribbon that weaves throughout the space. Playing off the rigid geometry of the existing building, the flowing ribbon morphs variously into place markers, lighting, railings, and seating areas. The space has an entirely new feeling and visually connects the two floors and the main entryways at opposite ends of the building.


math is Cool

The custom, water jet cut, voronoi ribbon pattern was developed using a form generating software algorithm. Each of the 60 plus aluminum panels are unique and final fabrication of the panels was developed from drawings created by RoehrSchmitt Architecture. Installers used our 3D drawings to guide the exacting process.


Read our feature story on The Lakes Business Center Ribbon to learn more about the design team and our process for this very unique project.


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